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Waiyaki Way House

Waiyaki Way House

The house is located along the Waiyaki Way highway near the Expressway. The house is also located 5 minutes away from Sarit Center. The house sits in a gated community of 6 houses. The house has a nice porch and adequate parking for up to 4 cars. The house has a separate SQ that is not attached to the main house with its back entrance. The kitchen is spacious and has a pantry. The house has a nice, spacious living room attached to a dining room. The guest room is fitted with a shower. The guest room is located downstairs with the others located upstairs. The master bedroom is ensuite while the other three bedrooms share a toilet. Two bedrooms share a balcony while the master bedroom has its own balcony

Total area

2850 sqft

Floor no.


Current status


No.of rooms


Swimming pool


Parking available


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